The Magic Bullet Treatment for GERD – D-limonene!

The Magic Bullet Treatment for GERD – D-limonene!

If there were one magic bullet, that could treat most cases of GERD it would be the supplement D-limonene. A scientist, Joe S. Wilkins from Texas suffered from GERD for years and searched for alternative treatments. He was working with orange oil at the time and noticed how D-limonene, a component of the oil acted as a cell rejuvenator. 1 D-limonene is an extract from orange peel, which has extremely low toxicity to humans, 2 and is GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) 3 as a food additive and supplement. Research has also shown that D-limonene might also have anti-cancer properties. 4 5 6 7 The daily intake of just one 1000 mg capsule of D-limonene every other day for twenty days has been shown to reduce or eliminate GERD symptoms in most people for six months or longer. 8

D-limonene is lighter than water, 9 so it floats to the surface of gastric juices in the stomach. When someone has reflux, the D-limonene coats the esophagus, protects the esophagus from acid and gastrin, and helps heal erosion. 10 D-limonene also increases gastric emptying and helps improve the flow of bile. 11

Joe S. Wilkins, the Houston-area scientist who developed this natural approach to heartburn relief, believes that the minor burping that occurs with D-limonene causes this orange peel extract to be directly carried into the esophagus. 12 By coating the esophagus, D-limonene may protect the esophagus against caustic contents that would have otherwise been regurgitated from the stomach. D-limonene may promote quicker gastric emptying of food and gastric juices out of the stomach so that these esophageal irritants do not promote as much reflux. 13 Finally, D-limonene might inhibit H. pylori. D-limonene might also help the stomach produce extra mucus and promote the healing of ulcers as well. 14

I recommend that you either use the Jarrow Formulas D-Limonene, Enzymatic Therapy D-Limonene. In addition, be sure to follow the supplement instructions as well.

  1. What are side effects of D Limonene?

    • For some it can cause irritation in the esophaugus and cause herx reactions from die off. It rarely can cause breathing issues from aspiration, but for most it is well tolerated.

  2. Hi

    I have been suffering with lpr for the past 6 years, constant lump in my throat and struggle to talk. Been on lansoprazole and that seems to make my throats worse. Will d-limonene, reduce this feeling in my throat or even better get rid of it!


  3. does D-limonene help loose esphogus sphincters? I am desperate. many thanks help please

  4. Hi,

    Thank you for all the useful information on your site.

    D-Limonene…wouldn’t that be considered citrus that GERD and LRP sufferers are supposed to avoid?

    Any clarification is helpful!

    • No, D-limonene is a component of citrus, it is not the citric acid which does the most damage to an inflammed esophagus. D-limonene in studies have been shown to be protective of esophageal tissue.

  5. I have been taking d-limonene for about a year now. No bloating at all and I am a former (no longer) IBS sufferer!

  6. I decided it was time to come off the Omeprezole that I took for decades. After researching the long term effects of taking this stuff, I decided I must stop taking it. Nice how the Dr’s never tell you about the rebound effect and that you shouldn’t take this stuff long term. It has been a very difficult process. The rebound effect of more acid then you ever had before is awful. Now I take Ranitdine 2X a day and the D-Limonene usually twice a day. The D-Limonene is amazing stuff! I don’t know exactly how it works, but it does. I was desperate to find something and after a lot of web research, I found this stuff. Whew! Hopefully, the rebound effect will ease up. It’s been about 6 weeks since I stopped the Omeprezole.

  7. what about the use of d-limonene if you have an ulcer, or feel like you do?

  8. John

    How would you incorporate this with your other protocols? E.g. would you wait until H Pylori eradication?


  9. John

    How would you incorporate this with your other protocols? E.g. would you wait until H Pylori eradication?


    • You could use D-Limonene with any of the protocols, it wouldn’t hinder any of my protocols. The only reason one would’t use d-limonene is if they had any side effects with the supplement.

      • Have you noticed if it causes bloating in any of your clients initially, but goes away after using the supplement for a few days?

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