Cold and Flu Protocols

Cold and Flu Protocols

Here is an updated cold and flu protocol that anyone can use to find some relief from these conditions. If you ever have a high grade fever (greater than 104F), or any other life threatening symptoms of a flu or cold [trouble breathing, long-term vomiting, severe pain, severe vertigo, etc.] make sure you seek out medical help ASAP! Finally, do not use any of the following protocols if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any children without consulting a medical professional first. Do not follow if your are suffering from Th1 dominance, it may make your symptoms worse.

Mild – Moderate Cold and Flu Protocol

  • Read FYG vitamin D protocol.
  • Sore Throat


    • Traditional Medicinals organic throat coat – Follow tea recommendations for general usage. Do not use if you suffer from high blood pressure because the licorice extract in the tea may cause water retention and raise blood pressure.

    Chest Congestion

    • Stay hydrated as much as possible drinking at least two liters of filtered water while you are ill. More water might be needed if you are febrile.
    • Integrative Therapeutics – Mucaplex– follow supplement recommendations for dosage.7
    • Jarrow Formulas NAC Sustain – one tablet on an empty stomach daily, do not use if you are mercury toxic or have mercury amalgams.8

    Sinus Congestion

    1. Chris Masterjohn believes the research suggests zinc lozenges should be zinc acetate to be effective.

    2. 1. I guess if you are concerned about supplementing with too much calcium, then using calcium ascorbate may pose an issue. Magnesium ascorbate should be used instead if you are concerned.

      2. Vitamin C loading is fine for most people as long as their kidneys are functional. Most people based on weight should only need 5,000 mg of vitamin C to saturate themselves. In times of sickness that might increase greatly. Maybe try lower does of lipo C?

      3. No, scientific basis as of yet, the story told in the article is anecdotal. Do make sure your vitamin C is non GMO though. It also isn’t produced from corn syrup but is produced by corn dextrose fermentation.

    3. Thanks John. Bought the book today. A couple questions:

      1) Thomas Levy recommends not using calcium ascorbate. Do you not find his concerns valid or are they just not relevant at the doses you recommend?

      2) Given your recommended amount, do you not recommend taking C to bowel tolerance? Levy makes the point in his book that your tolerance varies depending on infection level and that not taking enough is likely to not do any good. Generally, if I take about 10g every 3 hours when I have a cold I keep my symptoms in full remission. I’d taken about 30g today, a mix of Solaray TR and Ester-C capsules (and maintained energy to work and pack up the house for a move) when it started to plug up my ears. I immediately took about 15g more and I could feel it drain out of my ears – no more plug. That has been my general experience with C.

      3) Is there any valid concern of high amounts of ascorbic acid killing gut flora?

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