Are There Any Plant Based Omega 3 Supplements Worth Using?


I am going to start blogging about the different sources of Omega 3 fatty acid supplements and the degree in which they can improve your health. Pros, cons, and all that jazz.

The new blog series is going to start with a controversial supplement recommendation, plant-based DHA, algal oil.


Algal DHA rich oil is produced from certain types of algae. Algal oil was developed by NASA-sponsored research in the 80’s to find a plant based food source that can …

Opinion: FDA’s Further War On Saturated Fat – Kind Bars


Everyone who reads my blog knows that I trust the FDA when it comes to my nutrition information.

Of course, a government run organization bought out by corporations must have both my health and wallet in mind when they make recommendations, right?

Recently, the FDA sent Kind LLC a warning letter to stop labeling some of their bars for being healthy or for using a “+” label on some of their bars.

The FDA told Kind that four of their …

GERD Protocol 2: Reduction of H. pylori / Ulcers


GERD Protocol 2: Reduction of H. pylori

More updated version in my book Fix Your Gut!

H. pylori are a stomach flora bacteria in some people that can become opportunistic.1 If a person has a normal stomach acid level, H. pylori is usually kept at bay by proper stomach acid levels.2 Opportunistic H. pylori infection are the cause of most ulcers3 and are implicated as the main cause of stomach cancer.4 Signs of an opportunistic …

Opinion: Why I Am Not Just Paleo


First off, I am not against the Paleo Diet. But I am Not Just Paleo either.

The Paleo Diet brought a lot of mainstream awareness to healthy dieting (positive or negative,) and improved a lot of people’s lives. No diet, however, is perfect for everyone.

I am however against certain ideas that are associated with the Paleo Diet. I believe some of these ideas are setting the mainstream movement of healthy dieting back. Here are some ways to modify those …

SIBO: Methane or Hydrogen Dominant, What is The Difference?


The sufferers of SIBO are usually divided into three different categories. People who are either suffering from chronic diarrhea, chronic constipation or an alternating version of both ailments.

What is the cause of the difference of symptoms in people who are both suffering from SIBO?

Research indicates that depending on what type of organisms are the dominant cause of your overgrowth determines what type of SIBO you have.

Are you dealing with an overgrowth of hydrogen dominant bacteria or methane …

The Causes of GERD and The Problem with Conventional Treatments


The Causes of Heartburn / GERD

Heartburn is mainly caused by too much gastric pressure in the stomach.1 This gastric pressure causes stomach contents to blow through the LES and up through the esophagus where it is then stopped by the UES and sent back down into the stomach. Increased gastric pressure can be caused by:


  1. Too many opportunistic bacteria in the small intestine causing gas to travel upwards putting pressure on the stomach (SIBO).2
  2. Excess opportunistic