Digestive Organs That People Often Forget


There are a lot more organs associated with your digestion than just your stomach and intestines. The liver, gallbladder, and pancreas must function normally so that complete digestion can occur. These organs deal with the enzymatic and chemical side of digestion whereas the stomach and mouth are mixtures of enzymatic, mechanical, and chemical digestion.

The Liver

The liver produces bile and releases the bile either directly into the small intestine or into the gallbladder. When the bile is released into …

Sorbitol: Ingest with Caution


Not all of the sugar alcohols are created equal when it comes to digestive health. I have already covered the pros and cons of supplementing with xylitol. While xylitol has its uses, sorbitol, on the other hand, should be filed under the avoid area of the sugar alcohol spectrum.

Why is sorbitol so evil if you have intestinal issues or diabetes?

Most sorbitol is synthetically produced and can even be found naturally in some foods that we eat. Ever …

My Hydrogen Breath Test Was Negative, How Can I Still Have SIBO?


The hydrogen breath test is used to diagnose an SIBO infection. You still have large amount of bloating, gas, and stomach discomfort, but yet the breath test was negative. Is it possible to still have SIBO, yet your hydrogen breath test results were negative?

The hydrogen breath test is a non-invasive fasting test in which your doctor has you breathe into a machine that monitors the excess hydrogen or methane that is released by the opportunistic bacteria in your small …

MAP the Cause of Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis


Mycobacteria is a genus of bacteria that causes serious diseases in mammals (tuberculosis and leprosy are examples of Mycobacteria.) A type of Mycobacteria called Mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis is a pathogenic bacteria found in the gut of ruminant animals like cows and causes Johne’s disease (paratuberculosis) in cattle.1

Paratuberculosis causes diarrhea and wasting in the cattle and also causes the cows to develop inflammatory bowel disease. Treatment of paratuberculosis in cattle is limited because of the cost …

Ozone Therapy Is It Safe?


Ozone therapy is the one of the newest trends in alternative health. Ozone is supposed to do everything from eliminating every pathogen known to man to correcting autoimmune issues. Sounds great, right?

We know that ozone is an expensive way to purify water of pathogens. It also appears to change natural bromide concentrations in ozonated purified water into bromate, which is way worse for your health.1 Ozone increases oxidative stress in many pathogens, which eventually eliminates them.2

The …

Supplements to Combat Biofilm, Part 1


In one of my last blog posts, I wrote about biofilm. If you do not remember, biofilm is any group of microorganisms that stick together in a large colony on the surface. Bacteria, for example, adhere themselves to a surface, and other bacteria by using tiny hair like appendages called pili. They also form polysaccharide matrices to further enclose their bacterial colonies to protect themselves. Bacteria can either multiply in the biofilm or disperse in a smaller biofilm colony …