Three Substances That May Be Making Your Adrenal Glands Exhausted

Most people either need their coffee, cigarette, or toke to get them through the day. All three of these daily habits have substances in them that worsen adrenal fatigue. Those substances include caffeine, nicotine, and THC.

These important substances people use on a daily basis all have their list of pros and cons for their use in improving our everyday lives and our health. Most people can use caffeine, nicotine, or THC within moderation and develop no adrenal issues whatsoever. …

Are You Getting Enough Omega 3’s?


Americans have more omega 6 fatty acids circulating their bloodstream than omega 3’s. A fatty acid is a chain of lipids bound to a carboxy backbone. The chain is either saturated or unsaturated because of the types of bonds in the attached triglycerides. Omega 3’s are considered to be polyunsaturated fats and contain at least two bonds. Your average American has an omega 6 to omega 3 ratio of at least 25:1.1 2

Omega 6 intake is necessary for …

Ten Tips to Help You Relax Like a Master in a Float Tank

float tank

How I tried a float tank and experienced the ultimate form of relaxation.

My expectations were low as the automatic lid slowly lowered and latched shut on the tank. My body was floating on the Epsom salt and water mix and a blue glow surrounded me. I hit the button next to me and was immersed in total darkness. I felt like Spock about to be launched from the Enterprise for a proper Federation burial in space. The water …

Review Fix Your Gut for a Free Health Coaching Session

review list

“A bad review is like baking a cake with all the best ingredients and having someone sit on it.”

-Danielle Steel

Reviews and comments. The lifeline of any blog/product. We are asking for your help blog readers. As of this writing we have fifteen five-star reviews and one-one star review for Fix Your Gut. Amazon does not allow us to solicit 5-star reviews. We are asking the readers of this blog just to give an honest opinion of the book. …

Biohack Your Fatigue

morning fatigue

Do you have trouble getting your ass out of bed in the morning because of fatigue?

The alarm clock goes off, and all we can think about is five more minutes. We crawl out of bed and take a mega dose of caffeine so that we can get to work. We hope this problem will go away, but in fact our fatigue gets worse. To top it off, this fatigue may lead to cancer… Listen to this 5-minute interview with …

SIBO Friendly Bulletproof Coffee


SIBO Fighting + Intestinal Renewal – Iced Bulletproof Coffee Recipes

Bulletproof® coffee is one of the healthiest ways to start your morning. A common recipe for the coffee starts with high quality, very low mycotoxin coffee beans (Bulletproof® coffee beans,) MCT oil (Upgraded™ MCT oil,) and grass-fed butter (Kerrygold unsalted butter is a good choice.) Some people also add chocolate and xylitol to their coffee for taste.

The caffeine in the coffee increases your mental alertness and capabilities.1  Chlorogenic …