Three Common Medicines Harming Your Digestive Health

The Center for Disease Control reports that, on average, a doctor will see fifty patients each day. Each patient will average eight minutes with their doctor and eighty-eight percent are prescribed medications.1The patient leaves the doctor’s office, visits a nearby pharmacy, and gets the prescription filled – often without a consultation. Is eight minutes enough […]

HSO Probiotics Part 2 – The danger of supplementing with Bacillus subtilis!


Bacillus Subtilis: One of the Most Unsafe Probiotic Supplements Known to Man I won’t recommend any probiotic that contains any strains from the Bacillus genus, including Bacillus subtilis, to my clients. I won’t even recommend the world-renowned probiotic Primal Defense. Primal Defense comes highly recommended for digestive ailments by most of the experts in the […]

Got an Infection? Use Lactoferrin!


Everyone lately has been discussing the immune stimulating benefits of colostrum as one of the best supplements that can be made from dairy.1 I don’t agree with this blanket statement, because there is some research that colostrum intake may be rendered useless by stomach acid and digestion and, therefore, colostrum wouldn’t stimulate the immune system.2 […]

Never Buy Supplements Online Until Reading This


I still occasionally struggle with buying supplements and keeping what I need every month organized. I used to have the worst time remembering when I need to re-order supplements or if the website I am purchasing my supplements from is the best. I have developed three simple strategies that will improve your supplement buying experience. […]

Magic Bullet for Intestinal Issues – Enteric Coated Peppermint Oil


Peppermint is a hybrid mint plant. It is a cross between watermint and spearmint.1 Peppermint is native to Europe, but the herb has now grown widespread throughout the world.2 People everywhere value peppermint for it’s strong cooling scent, it’s cooling sensation on the skin, and it’s flavoring capabilities in baking, candy making, and drink preparation. […]

November’s Guest Blog Post – Evan from NotJustPaleo on Increasing Focus & Energy During Winter


It is now another month gone from 2013 and with November I bring you, my blog readers another guest blog post. November’s blog post comes from Evan Brand from and the NotJustPaleo podcast. Evan has true passion when it comes to promoting natural health awareness and also has a great knowledge on all things […]