ALS Ice Bucket Fraud?


First off, I want to begin this blog post by saying that I am not against donating in general. I donate to local charities whenever I can because I believe that the larger the charity the more waste and embezzlement there is at the top. Donating time to help people can be just as important. […]

My Recommended Digestive Enzyme

Digest Gold

The Digestive Enzyme I Recommend is Digest Gold By: Enzymedica   There are many great reasons why Enzymedica can call themselves The Enzyme Experts. They include:1 2 Enzymedica is an American based company out of Venice, Florida. Enzymedica have been producing enzyme supplements since the late 80′s and they were one of the first! Their […]

Biofilm: Why You Should Care That Too Much Of It Is Making You Ill


Biofilm are any group of microorganisms that stick together in a large colony on a surface. Bacteria for example adhere themselves to a surface and other bacteria using tiny hair like appendages called pili. They also form polysaccharide matrices to enclose the bacterial colonies to protect themselves further. Finally, bacteria can either multiply or disperse […]

GERD Protocols 7-8 / Build Up Your LES and Get Those Digestive Enzymes Working Again


GERD Protocol #7 – Strengthen that LES! The lower esophageal sphincter is a sphincter that connects the top of the stomach with the bottom of the esophagus. The LES first relaxes to allow food to enter the stomach. The LES then closes tightly after food enters the stomach to keep stomach acid and pepsin from […]

The Different Types of Diabetes


In the United States, 25.8 million people are currently diagnosed with diabetes and the number diagnosed is on the rise.1 Type 2 diabetes is treated poorly using methods of conventional medicine. Drugs used in the conventional treatment of diabetes either reduce insulin sensitivity by inhibiting crucial pathways, including pathways in the liver that ultimately reduce […]

Gerd Protocols 3-6: Diet Modification, Clothing, and Posture Make a Big Difference in Digestive Health


GERD Protocol 3: Ditch The Standard American Diet   The standard American diet is rife with foods that hinder the optimal functioning of the human intestinal system. The standard American diet is full of wheat,1 GMO’s,2 dairy,3 carrageenan,4 artificial sweeteners,5 and excessive fructose.6 All of these food items can wear down or even destroy the […]