A New Test To Determine SIBO?


A new test has been made available to aid in the diagnosis of SIBO. The test is known as IBSchek and is available through Commonwealth Laboratories, Inc.

Here is a video of Dr. Pimentel discussing the test:

Finally, a blood test that can be used to diagnose SIBO. No more will anyone have to get complicated lactulose breath tests performed to diagnose their overgrowth.

Sadly, this is not the case.


The IBSchek blood test looks for two different antibodies …

My Second NotJustPaleo Appearance, Podcast #43


If anyone has not listened to it here is the second podcast I did with Evan Brand.

Here is what we covered that was listed on NotJustPaleo:

  • The transition from Vegan to Paleo
  • Nutrition and the Education system
  • The benefits of music when it comes to brain health
  • Where is the best place to get health information
  • Why consuming too much saturated fat at once is not beneficial
  • SIBO and elimination of butter
  • Why probiotics may make your digestion

Opinion: Quality Supplement Companies


The Difference in Supplement Companies

The average American purchases many of their supplements from Wal-Mart or the local pharmacy. Most people then wonder why the supplement that they purchased made no difference in their health. Sadly, when it comes to the average person’s health, most people will always go for the least expensive option. When it comes to buying the newest television, people will always spend the extra money for the best one. There is a huge difference in supplement …

My First NotJustPaleo Appearance, Podcast #39


If anyone has not listened to it here is the first podcast I did with Evan Brand.

Here is what we covered that was listed on NotJustPaleo:

  • John’s background and interest in health
  • Why MCT oil and digestive enzymes can improve your life
  • How the Paleo and Bulletproof diet helps so many people
  • Why eating healthy can cause diarrhea when switching from a vegan or mainstream diet
  • CoQ10 and why everyone should be taking it
  • John’s son and his

FYG Dining Out Guide – Jason’s Deli


Depending on where you live in the United States, eating out somewhat healthy can be difficult. I live in Fayetteville, North Carolina, a small southern city, with very few healthy places to eat. I try to prepare and eat most of my meals at home where it is much easier to pay attention to ingredients and avoid gluten.

However, like most people on this planet I like to eat out occasionally, most of the time with friends and family. If …

HSO’s Part 7 – Why I Do Not Recommend MegaSporeBiotic or My Issues With Bacillus licheniformis


What about a new “probiotic” that produces antioxidants once it propagates in your intestinal tract. Sounds great right?

A “probiotic” supplement that, in addition, claims to:1

  • Be designed by nature.
  • Survive the harsh stomach environment.
  • Requires no refrigeration.
  • Include a “probiotic” that is the most widely used in the world.
  • Helps regulate the immune system.

The “probiotic” supplement with all this and more is known as MegaSporeBiotic!

However, before you rush out to order a bottle on Amazon, hear …