My Second NotJustPaleo Appearance, Podcast #43

My Second NotJustPaleo Appearance, Podcast #43

If anyone has not listened to it here is the second podcast I did with Evan Brand.

Here is what we covered that was listed on NotJustPaleo:

  • The transition from Vegan to Paleo
  • Nutrition and the Education system
  • The benefits of music when it comes to brain health
  • Where is the best place to get health information
  • Why consuming too much saturated fat at once is not beneficial
  • SIBO and elimination of butter
  • Why probiotics may make your digestion problems worse
  • What are FODMAP’s and how do they play a role in your gut health
  • How berries always prevail as the preferred fruit
  • Biohacking and the dangers associated with electrical currents on the brain
  • The Bulletproof method of eating eggs
  • The Bulletproof Day Diet

Listen to it here.

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