Hangout With Hooper 6/24/2015

Hangout With Hooper 6/24/2015

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In this episode, Jason Hooper and John Brisson talk about nootropic drugs including aniracetam, noopept, huperzine A, and more. In the second half, they discuss which mitochondrial support supplements you should cycle and why, including CoQ10, Ubiquinol, PQQ, and others.

  1. My son is 3, huge medical laundry list but his gut is shutting down monthly. He looks like he has a stomach virus. The episode lasts 3 days and on the second day he is really down and out. It has been happening for a year now. Could you help with this?

    • I cannot sadly because of his age, I do not coach people that are under the age of 18 or their parents because of liability.

      That being said find a gastroenterologist that can run some tests to determine his issue. A stool profile like Genova or Doctor’s Data may help.

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