Hangout With Hooper 06/30/2016

Hangout With Hooper 06/30/2016

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Jason Hooper and John Brisson discuss uppergut infections (part 2).

  1. Great show!

    Can you guys talk about how to tackle Klebsiella pneumoniae overgrowth and ankylosing spondylitis? I’ve been trying to come up with a protocol based on your book and posts, but there just isn’t enough information. Feel free to break it down however you like.

    Here are some questions I have:

    What stack of antimicrobials and antibacterial agents should I use?

    What kind of diet should I follow? I know carbs should be from jasmine white rice or dextrose. But are there any other carbs, fruits, or sweeteners (like manuka honey) I can consume?

    Would consuming GOS help?

    What can I take to heal inflammation of the spine during and after the protocol?

    Are there any fillers commonly found in supplements that I should avoid (like rice flour, vegetable glycerine, etc)? Specifically, I may be having worse symptoms when taking supplements containing vegetable glycerine.


    • I am working on a blog post about it right now and it should be released this Friday.

      It should answer most of these questions and more hopefully.

  2. What are your thoughts on the probiotic Elixa. I looked at the blog of Richard nikoley, but I could never find the results to his ubiome test after taking the probiotics.

    • I recommend it to some of my clients, but some of the strains in Elixa have histamine / d-lactate producing capabilities so I do not recommend it to people with those issues. Karl has sent me a COA and I can verify that it is a good product in that regard.

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