Hangout With Hooper 01/17/2016

Hangout With Hooper 01/17/2016

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Jason Hooper and John Brisson talk about ketosis and IF.

  1. Congratulations on a year of blogging! I tolltay agree with you about how those posts you spent forever working on seem to pass by with hardly a whisper especially when you think you had really interesting or shocking things to say. Then on those days that you’re stuck and you just whip out something in 10 minutes to fill space, those of course are the super popular ones. However, I also tolltay disagree with you that covering just hunter stuff gets boring. Shame on you! There is nothing more thrilling in the entire world, other than, possibly, being a member of the Mythbusters cast. We need to get you back on a Hunting Party episode one where I’m actually there (damn you Euripides!)

  2. Hey Jason (Hooper),

    Great post. I got new ideas for doing different types of fasting.

    On the other note, here I am refereeing to the project that never started.

    I would like to start a project like this for just myself. Any advice? Which np you suggest to start with?

    I truly appreciate any input. Please email me your advises. Thanks.

    • I would try a different forum. LongeCity and the Reddit subforums have group buys from time to time. You’d be more successful there.

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