Biohack Your Fatigue

Biohack Your Fatigue

Do you have trouble getting your ass out of bed in the morning because of fatigue?

The alarm clock goes off, and all we can think about is five more minutes. We crawl out of bed and take a mega dose of caffeine so that we can get to work. We hope this problem will go away, but in fact our fatigue gets worse. To top it off, this fatigue may lead to cancer… Listen to this 5-minute interview with John Brisson about what causes fatigue and how we can fix it.

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  1. I take Jarrow formula´s Ubiquinol QH + PQQ (mostly because of price, and the fact that I can get where I get most of my other

    Du you think Dave´s product is vastly superior?

  2. Thanks for all the info John.

    Do you think there are any “rebound” effects to be aware of if you take Unfair Advantage and then decide to stop after a month or so? I think I read in Part 1 or 2 of your Improve your Mitochondria series about a rebound effect … does Unfair Advantage’s ingredients make it less likely to occur?

  3. Ok, having more and better functioning mitochondria is a good idea in terms of fatigue and in the long term. And PQQ, CoQ10, magnesium and vitamin-K are all essential for proper mitochondrial function.

    But seriously…recommending “Unfair Advantage”, considering not so long ago you said yourself on the BP forum said than “PQQ is absorbed fairly well by the body. There is no scientific proof that colloidal PQQ is any better.” The UA user reviews are also mixed at best.

    Perhaps I just don’t get it…

    • I played Devil’s advocate for Hooper on the forum to get him to explain why Unfair Advantage is a good supplement. Dave’s problem is that he made promises that made the supplement seem like it was the second coming of Christ. Unfair Advantage is an excellent mitochondrial supplement, but most people will not see the crazy effects Dave talked about. I believe that it is more helpful to the average American in somewhat poor health and has a poor diet. They might see big differences when taking the supplement. Your average biohacker might not feel much because their body is somewhat functioning optimally. Great supplement, wrong marketing.

    • Anyone who complains that UA doesn’t work probably doesn’t have their foundation in order. They are eating a mostly crap diet, are deficient in every vitamin and mineral, chug down coffee all day, don’t sleep enough and then expect UA to be a magic amphetamins in a bottle to make up for their lifestyle.

      Get that stuff in order first and it works wonders. Foundation comes first.

      That being said, taking more of it is amazing too. If you want to blow apart your doubts about UA, start taking 4 per day. You wont remain a skeptic for long.

      • Dante, my foundation is in order and I have to say that UA didnt work wonders like you said.

        Also doing 4 a day? Are you serious, you would run out of UA in no time, less than 1 week…that supplement is expensive! There is no way the common joe can offered that when it comes to using it 4 times a day.

  4. John, would you suggest Unfair Advantage to someone with adrenal fatigue?

    • It may help increase energy but most people will not see a big difference in people who have AF. You have to relieve the AF first before you would see any real improvement of energy.

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