Another Look at Prescript Assist

Another Look at Prescript Assist

Rob and Rachel, friends of mine over at Modern Life Survivalist do a lot of great work blogging about lesser known issues like mold toxicity and multiple chemical sensitivity. Rob took Prescript Assist off and on for the past few months and had differing effects from the HSO probiotic.

I do not recommend the use of Prescript Assist as a probiotic. It is unknown if most of the HSO’s in Prescript Assist are part of normal human flora. Many of the HSO’s also have non-existent human studies and no research done on human safety. More information about the interaction between these HSO’s and their human hosts might be known once the human microbiome project is completed, but for now, it is truly unknown if any of these bacteria are natural flora in your gut microbiome. Some of the listed organisms in Prescript Assist are also known to cause opportunistic infections including Pseudomonas fluorescens, a bacteria that is implicated as a coinfection with MAP the cause of ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.

That being said some people do have positive experiences with the supplement. Rob does initially, Prescript Assist helping him recover from his digestive issues and mold toxicity.

Here is his initial positive review of the product.

He later had issues with Prescript Assist that I did not mention in my initial blog. He had possible contamination issues from a recent batch and problems with customer service. To look at his reevaluation of Prescript Assist and his newer issues with it, click here.

I wanted to bring both a positive and negative look at one man’s journey with Prescript Assist to bring another view to using HSO probiotics and if they are right for you.

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  1. I can certainly vouch for having had a negative experience with soil based probiotics.

    After having read this article around the beginning of last year:

    …I decided to attempt to treat my AS by supplementing with potato starch powder and AOR Probiotic 3 for 30 days, followed by Prescript Assist for the following 30 days and then finishing up with Primal Defense Ultra. I also added in some inulin powder and psyllium husk sporadically during this period too.

    I’ve tried adding fermented foods etc since, but I still can’t seem to put any weight on at all.

    The results of this were increased pain as well as the loss of a further 15lbs of bodyweight, despite already being around 15lbs underweight to begin with. Subsequently, I haven’t had much success in putting any weight back on since, so I can safely surmise that this experiment merely served to make a bad situation in my gut much worse, especially in terms of nutrient malabsorbtion.

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